Episode 19 Lifting the Lid on Vid

In Episode 19 we get to meet Sue-Ellen Cordon. Sue is a firm believer the power of video as a tool of communication in business. Her business called Video Vibes is all about teaching people how to do low cost, effective video for business. She helps people be who they are, being natural and showing their personality on video.

Sue says “Video is a conversation………the smartphone and video can be a portal to a person’s heart”

Video is becoming increasingly important in business marketing however it needs to be done well, Sue passes on some great tips on being your “coffee shop self”. according to Sue “life should not be edited”

Sue has an insight to Bowen Therapy also and she goes on to speak of her experience of Bowen personally and through seeing it work on horses.

I am sure you will enjoy Sue-Ellen’s story and you may like to connect with her to learn more about video and what it can do for your Bowen business.

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