In this episode we get to meet a Bowen therapist who travelled a very long way to learn Bowen Therapy.

Maya is from Noumea, New Caledonia and works there full time as a logistics and project manager in the island’s largest nickle mine. Looking for a change and inspired by a family member she embarked on a long journey (well several of them) to find her Bowen therapy class in a tiny Irish settlement town of Koroit in the western district of country Victoria. Maya when booking for the course imagined she could get a train to the venue from Melbourne…..not quite that simple.

Skip forward 18 months with many flights and travel later, Maya is part way through her Diploma studies and has established the only Bowen Therapy clinic currently operating in New Caledonia. in the clinic working along side her is a family member who trained some time ago and together they see about 40-50 clients a week.

Maya is a delightful girl and I am sure you will enjoy her story.


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