In this episode we get to hear from Margaret Spicer who is considered one of the preeminent Bowen instructors in the world. Margaret tells the story of her journey from big pharma to natural medicine and Bowen therapy.

After graduating as a pharmacist and working in the retail area with the public and then inside the industry in the area of marketing, Margaret is offered a lucrative role in New York she experiences a Damascus moment which changed her life.

Many Bowen therapists around the world have participated in Margaret and Anne Schubert’s Mind Body Medicine. Margaret explains the genisis of its development and the principals of this work. You will come to hear that Margaret is a deep thinker and I am sure you will enjoy her explainations and thoughts on natural medicine. We are very fortunate to have people like Margaret in our Bowen community.

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2 comments on “Episode 14: A Damascus Moment – Margaret Spicer

  1. TINA PRICE Jun 1, 2017

    Loved this podcast ..Thank you Margaret Spicer and Chris Reed ..Listen to your body and it will respond to the treatment ..

  2. Maria Jun 1, 2017

    Hi Chris, I do appreciate very much this podcast. I was looking forwards to listening to Bowen practitioners describing their approach to this therapy and to see what work for them. I hope you could find more practitioners for the podcast that would love to share their wisdom with everybody, particularly people as myself that are about to start Cert 4.


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