In this episode we get to meet Joanne Clarke from Destiny Pursuits.

Joanne has a past in the corporate arena however is now a business coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and master practitioner trainer.

Joanne is a very engaging speaker and explores the value of language in health and the art of listening and understanding the meaning of the code people use to express their beliefs about their health. Through being able to ‘decode’ the words people use the health practitioner can get a clearer understanding of the sometimes unconscious limiting or potentially unhealthy beliefs people may have. She also explains how we as health professionals may both positively and negatively influence the health outcomes of our clients depending on the language we use.

“We need to be careful that the description does not become the prescription”

Joanne is able to draw a link between the development of NLP and that of Bowen therapy. I am sure you will really enjoy our conversation.


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