Episode 23: Badminton Finds Bowen

Jiva Nair

Coaching and training director @ Asia Badminton Academy, Malaysia

Asia Badminton Academy

Jiva is a veteran of 15 years in the badminton coaching industry after injury ended his career as an elite player. He has worked at various level of the sport in Asia and now currently manages his own professional badminton academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jiva is working with local youth and professional players from around the world coaching them with a keen interest in the agility and endurance required for athletes to achieve in this sport at an elite level.

Jiva was introduced to Bowen Therapy 2 years ago and now uses Bowen as the number 1 modality in the academy mainly for injury prevention but also for recovering and managing injuries with players.



The Breakfast Coach – Andrea Henrickson

In this episode we get to meet Andrea Henrickson who is the founder of The Breakfast Coach and is a Business Management Coach who specialises in working with SMEs to ensure that they are working toward the strategic achievement of their business vision, mission and dream. Andrea’s passion and steadfast focus is to ensure that business owners LOVE their business even during the challenging times.

I ask Andrea about some of the ways Bowen therapists and other small business owners can get the word out there about their fledgling business.

Andrea knows firsthand the cold hard truth of running a business and for many business owners or Bowen therapists their experience and expertise is not in ‘managing a business’, it is in their own area of expertise.

Managing a business requires a unique set of skills which most people learn through failing as the try to grow their business. Andrea coaches, trains and mentors clients in business management capability so that they can operate at optimum performance while bringing a strategic focus, a solid structure and ensuring that the right people are aligned with the business vision, values and overall direction.

Andrea’s unique experience and qualifications in Business Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming and running and growing her own business equips her well to identify with whip quick intentionality the issues that are in the way of business growth and success.

The Breakfast Coach offers SMEs opportunities to truly transform their business management capability into strategic leadership and allows for the business to build sustainably with solid foundations that truly enhance their business and life.

Andrea gives us some great tips to work with in getting the word out there, she also talks about “squeezing your time” and “juicing”.

I hope you enjoy this BowenBuzz

Robyn Wood is a Bowen legend.

She has practised for many years and has taught Bowen Therapy on all 5 continents of the world. Robyn still travels the world spreading her passion for Bowen in her own personal style.

In this episode Robyn tells us of her history as a young girl with Tom Bowen who would visit the family farm to chat with her father and how they would sometimes see him at the Geelong abattoir looking at how some of the freshly killed animals were put together in an anatomical sense.

Many practitioners around the world have taken one of Robyn’s specialised workshops learning how Bowen might be applied to specific situations or conditions.

I am sure you will enjoy Robyn’s walk down memory lane and her prospective on the Bowen world.

In this episode we get to meet Aggie Aik.

The final in the series on Singapore Bowen.

Aggie is a pioneer of Bowen in Singapore where she works as a councillor and art therapist at a prestigious secondary collage which has about 4500 students.

Aggie shares with us her experience of using Bowen Therapy in conjunction with her other counselling skills to assist the students with anxiety, stress, behavioural and other problems.
I describe Aggie as a 5ft bundle of smiles; as you will hear she is a bubbly, happy person who has a calmness about her which just encourages you to trust her. It is easy to see how she would gain the confidence of her student clients. Although she tried to retire last year the school has asked her to remain for 2 days a week just to support staff.
Other people who work with children in schools and the area of child protection are looking at using the model Aggie has developed to assist their students and clients. This is another wonderful story of how Bowen therapy continues to promote happier and healthier lives in the community.
I am sure you will enjoy my chat with Aggie