Robyn Wood is a Bowen legend.

She has practised for many years and has taught Bowen Therapy on all 5 continents of the world. Robyn still travels the world spreading her passion for Bowen in her own personal style.

In this episode Robyn tells us of her history as a young girl with Tom Bowen who would visit the family farm to chat with her father and how they would sometimes see him at the Geelong abattoir looking at how some of the freshly killed animals were put together in an anatomical sense.

Many practitioners around the world have taken one of Robyn’s specialised workshops learning how Bowen might be applied to specific situations or conditions.

I am sure you will enjoy Robyn’s walk down memory lane and her prospective on the Bowen world.

In this episode we get to meet Aggie Aik.

The final in the series on Singapore Bowen.

Aggie is a pioneer of Bowen in Singapore where she works as a councillor and art therapist at a prestigious secondary collage which has about 4500 students.

Aggie shares with us her experience of using Bowen Therapy in conjunction with her other counselling skills to assist the students with anxiety, stress, behavioural and other problems.
I describe Aggie as a 5ft bundle of smiles; as you will hear she is a bubbly, happy person who has a calmness about her which just encourages you to trust her. It is easy to see how she would gain the confidence of her student clients. Although she tried to retire last year the school has asked her to remain for 2 days a week just to support staff.
Other people who work with children in schools and the area of child protection are looking at using the model Aggie has developed to assist their students and clients. This is another wonderful story of how Bowen therapy continues to promote happier and healthier lives in the community.
I am sure you will enjoy my chat with Aggie

Episode 19 Lifting the Lid on Vid

In Episode 19 we get to meet Sue-Ellen Cordon. Sue is a firm believer the power of video as a tool of communication in business. Her business called Video Vibes is all about teaching people how to do low cost, effective video for business. She helps people be who they are, being natural and showing their personality on video.

Sue says “Video is a conversation………the smartphone and video can be a portal to a person’s heart”

Video is becoming increasingly important in business marketing however it needs to be done well, Sue passes on some great tips on being your “coffee shop self”. according to Sue “life should not be edited”

Sue has an insight to Bowen Therapy also and she goes on to speak of her experience of Bowen personally and through seeing it work on horses.

I am sure you will enjoy Sue-Ellen’s story and you may like to connect with her to learn more about video and what it can do for your Bowen business.

In this episode we get to meet a Bowen therapist who travelled a very long way to learn Bowen Therapy.

Maya is from Noumea, New Caledonia and works there full time as a logistics and project manager in the island’s largest nickle mine. Looking for a change and inspired by a family member she embarked on a long journey (well several of them) to find her Bowen therapy class in a tiny Irish settlement town of Koroit in the western district of country Victoria. Maya when booking for the course imagined she could get a train to the venue from Melbourne…..not quite that simple.

Skip forward 18 months with many flights and travel later, Maya is part way through her Diploma studies and has established the only Bowen Therapy clinic currently operating in New Caledonia. in the clinic working along side her is a family member who trained some time ago and together they see about 40-50 clients a week.

Maya is a delightful girl and I am sure you will enjoy her story.